Electronic Document Circulation System was implemented in the National Archive Department of Azerbaijan

According to the information of SINAM Company, National Archive Department of Azerbaijan implemented Electronic Document Circulation System.

SINAM has carried out technical works on implementation of the project.

Trainings on assimilation of skills of handling Electronic Document Circulation System were held for employees of the National Archive Department.

The module of electronic services which requires preliminary registration is implemented within the project.

The system developed on the basis of the EMC Documentum System allows to automate works on digitization of documents (paper documents, books, audio, video, big drawings, cards, photos and so on). The solution allows to distinguish text documents in any language and provides possibility of implementation of contextual search. Search of documents is carried out on requisites, and also by entering and saving metadata in the database about documents in order to find physical locations of originals of documents.

The user-friendly web-interface is convenient for inquiry, search and viewing of documents. The solution has been provided with special scanners for digitization of microfilms.

SINAM continues working on digitization of archives of photos and films and automation of the document circulation in the National Archive Department of Azerbaijan.

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