Automated Personified Accounting System

Implementation of Automated Personified Accounting System allows to process a huge number of documents. Three levels have been created within the system: district, regional and central. Databases have been created at regional and central levels. Regional database consists of XML files processed according to rules of control and consistency of data at the regional level.

Works completed within the present system:

  • Registration of the working people;
  • Registration of entrepreneurs;
  • Registration and control over the seniority, privilege, extra charges and payments according to the normative legislation;
  • Calculation of pension according to the "work" history of each insured person;
  • Providing necessary information according to the request of each insured person.

Objectives define requirements to the database - database should include identification data about all registered persons as well as information on monthly extra charges for each insurer. Aggregate tables, database showcases and back-up archives have been created in the system. Besides, database generation technology has been developed at each level. Database operates under Oracle 9 Enterprise Edition DBMS.

"Correct" XML-files are transmitted to the central level. After being examined there, they are sent to the central database consisting of data concerning whole republic. XML-files with errors are formed into log-files in order to be transmitted to the source of XML-files. Sources of XML-files are regional scanning centers (paper forms are scanned, identified, verified and exported into XML-files there). XML-files can be created directly in the districts by means of special software as well. They are transmitted to the regional level by means of FTP.

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