GOMAP.AZ and GOMAP.GE Web Portal

Overview of the solution and Web Portals has been developed by SINAM for Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The Republic of Azerbaijan to provide detailed information for tourists and population.

The portal integrates several web sites and web services in one Web Portal. It also provides web services to support different solutions by actual information.

The portal is in operation for more than 5 years.

Architecture of the solution

SOA / Web service / Client-Server


  • MS Windows Server;
  • Web application;
  • MS SQL Server.

  • Map content:

    • 112 000 Points of Interest (POI) and corresponding information (image, description, etc.);
    • 98 000 km of roads (including their characteristics, status and road regulations);
    • 8 480 settlements;
    • 1 100 000 buildings and premises;
    • Full Street Addressing Information for 80 settlements, including postal service zones;
    • 5 200 Historical sites, must-see places and monuments (description, pictures, videos, etc.);
    • 24 000 km2 of forests, gardens, and other green areas;
    • 14 000 km2 of lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other surface water objects.

    Applications and organizations served:

    • Integration with Azerpost postal service;
    • Integration with taxi planner;
    • Integration with public transport route network;
    • Government Administrative Division and Street Addressing data model;
    • Road navigation network data structure;
    • Web and Mobile Applications.

    Module “Info”:

    • The most detailed and wide web site in Azerbaijan and Georgia;
    • Contains descriptive information about geo-objects;
    • Contains multimedia information: Hypertext, Pictures, Audio, Video;
    • Contains information about location, address, phone, etc.

    Text Analytical Searcher:

    • Uses specially designed algorithm;
    • Use one-string text request;
    • Operates with 3 languages (Azerbaijani, English, Russian) without switching;
    • Extra performance;
    • Sort by relevance.

    Optimal Path Finder:

    • Uses specially designed algorithm;
    • Uses traffic regulations and left/right side of starting/ending points to determine direction of movement;
    • Calculates Quickest/Fastest path for pedestrians and different types of vehicles.

    Mobile Applications:

    • Access to data and services from mobile devices.
  • The solution has the following advantages against of other solutions:

    • The most detailed map and geographical database in Azerbaijan and Georgia;
    • National online Geographical Informational System;
    • Analytical Text Searcher tolerant to user input mistakes;
    • Optimal Path Finder with powerful logic with advantages comparing to existing engines;
    • Open architecture allowing bidirectional integration with different solutions;
    • User access management, user data, and user feedback support;
    • Free and commercial use;
    • Base and part of e-government solutions;
    • Base for start-ups and IT industry development.

    Planned application and integration

    The solution is designed and developing with open architecture planned to be used in the following directions:

    • City administration – Street Addressing Registry, Land Management Applications, Land Cadastre, Public Transport Applications, Urban Development, Water Sypply/Electrical/Gas supply Utilities, Emergency Services, e.t.c.;
    • Rural development – Land Use Planning, Agricultural Development Applications, e.t.c.;
    • Infrastructural – Transportation, Logistics, Energy, e.t.c.;
    • Location Based Services – Navigation, Advertising, Entertainment, e.t.c.;
    • Studies – Social Studies, Marketing Studies, Environment,  e.t.c.;
    • Education – Educational Application with geographical information, e.t.c.
  • These modules are combined into GoMap.Az and portal:

    • Module “Info” – Provides web-based User Interface and functionality to work on modern web browsers. Uses other modules to serve requests;
    • Online Web Mapper – Provides Map Tiles to operate online maps. Can be used as separated service by 3-part solutions;
    • Text Analytical Searcher – Provides flexible searching through internal database. Can be used as separated service by 3-part solutions;
    • Optimal Path Finder – Provides functionality to find fastest/shortest path. Can be used as separated service by 3-part solutions;
    • GoMap iOS Application – iOS mobile client for GoMap.Az and services;
    • GoMap Android Application – Android mobile client for GoMap.Az and services;
    • GoMap Mobile – Provides web-based mobile User Interface and functionality to work on mobile web browsers;
    • GoMap Travel – iOS mobile application for planning the trips;
    • GoGuide - Native iOS and Android application for locating objects around and receiving information about them.

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