GIS for Tourism

On the request of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan was carried out the project for establishment of online GIS-Web resource by providing data and services through open access for everyone via Internet.

In the frame of this project were conducted the following work:

  • Selection and installation of Software, development of GIS unit, organization of field research.;
  • Development of detailed map of Azerbaijan by using satellite images, schemes, guides, data of field research and other sources of information;
  • Development of high-power web server which was published in the Internet at the link www.GoMap.Az and protected by modern means of Information Security.;
  • Development of client/server processing system GIS data using Software ESRI ArcMAP, ESRI Arc SDE, MS SQL Server Postgre SQL on Windows Server and Linux Platform.;
  • Input of geo-information into the system, including historical monuments with photos, as well as administrative division and  buildings with addresses.;
  • Translation of the names of the streets and roads (all of the names on map as well) into 3 languages – Russian, Azerbaijani and English.;
  • Update, synchronization and replication of data between central GIS database and web-server.

This project has the following interesting features:

  • Development of input data to the server that can be used for the input of addresses as well.;
  • Development of the system for the addresses of database as well as its system replenishment, update and correction by the community of Internet users.;
  • Development of data models, including the zones and hierarchy of administrative division, building addressing and geo- objects (POI), mathematical road graphs and etc.;
  • Obtaining the unique experience in processing the problem addressing.;
  • Development of universal interactive Web-resource.;
  • Increased performance as a result of using “ Flat file” instead of DBMS on a web-server;
  • Solution of the problem with the passage of the Azerbaijani text through all the stages of data processing.;
  • Automatic system of conversion and data quality control.;
  • Development of methods and procedures for obtaining data from the place (field research) by using GPS, cameras etc.;
  • Development of specialized projection for a single geo-data storage based on Tranverse Mercator with the special parameters.

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