Today daily activity of companies becomes more and more dependent on information technologies. Effective, manageable and transparent technologies are considered pledge of successful activity of organizations.

We help your business to prosper by rendering professional consulting services in accordance with international standards, having excellent knowledge in the field of information technologies and successful experience of work with the largest customers in Russia and other countries.

Our experts will audit existing information and technological infrastructure of your company, develop IT-strategy conforming to requirements of dynamically developing business, choose the information system (IS) according to the strategy and requirements of business, describe business processes, implement information systems and it will increase efficiency of business and decrease expenses and risks.

Development of IT strategy

Development strategy of IT defines a way to effective realization of the company's strategic objectives due to optimization of IT infrastructure. IT strategy consists of realization ways of the company's strategic business tasks by means of IT, strategic IT problems of the company, functions of IT service and approaches to implementation of IT projects, list of key success factors, quality management, technology platform. An important component of IT strategy is an economic justifications of investments in IT sector.

Delivery of telecommunication equipment:

  • HP
  • Alcatel

Delivery of computers and data storage and processing systems:

  • HP/Compaq

Management of projects of implementation and delivery of solutions and equipment:

  • Development and coordination of specifications, plan-schedules and budgets of projects;
  • Management of development and implementation of solutions and interaction with external resources and contractors;
  • Coordination and control of works;
  • Installation of systems.

Formation of reports for representatives of the customer, preparation of the following documentation:

  • Technical task;
  • Technical proposal;
  • Technical project;
  • Programs and testing methods;
  • Technical specification and instruction;
  • Passport and other documents according to requirements of the existing legislation.

Delivery of projects

  • Warranted maintenance and after-sale consultations;
  • Training and help in authorization.

Selection of equipment

  • Consultation of employees of the customer about selection of equipment (compatibility) and development (modernization) of the relevant solutions;
  • Preparation of presentations on technological directions the customer is interested in, at the customer's office or in the territory of technical service;
  • Preparation of technical reviews and comparative analysis of solutions / technologies / equipment and software for the customer;
  • Delivery of the demo equipment for approbation and pilot projects;
  • Preparation of specifications and technical proposals;
  • Implementation of ready solutions.

Implementation of telecommunication solutions on the basis of 3Com, Cisco Systems, Alcatel, Sagem:

  • Implementation of LAN networks (wired and wireless (WiFi) network);
  • Implementation of WAN networks (corporate network);
  • Organization of remote access to resources of information systems;
  • Implementation of multipurpose corporate networks;
  • Development / modernization of network telecommunication infrastructures;
  • Maintenance of service contracts of the manufacturer.

Implementation of telephony solutions:

  • Implementation of decisions on the traditional telephony;
  • Implementation of IP-telephony solutions on the basis of developed software;
  • Creation of the corporate telephone network on the basis of Ethernet-solutions.

Server platforms:

  • Implementation of server platforms (Intel&RISC) on the basis of the HP/Compaq equipment;
  • Audit of the existing server equipment;
  • Consultations concerning creation / modernization of server infrastructures;
  • Implementation of server solutions of corporate level (creation of the server core);
  • Implementation of fail-safe (cluster) server solutions of corporate level;
  • Modernization of the existing server equipment;
  • Maintenance of service contracts of the manufacturer.

Data storage systems:

  • Implementation of HP data storage systems;
  • Implementation of solutions for organization of fail-safe data storage systems;
  • Consultations concerning organization of data archiving systems;
  • Information security systems.

Implementation of information security systems on the basis of solutions of Cisco Systems:

  • Implementation of solutions on protection of information system against unauthorized access on the basis of the Cisco PIX complexes;
  • Development of solutions on protection of information system against unauthorized access on the basis of PIX family of the Cisco Systems company according to the customer's requirements;
  • Organization of data links protection on the basis of the VPN technology;
  • Development of solutions on data links protection on the basis of the VPN concentrators and hardware-software complexes of the Cisco company according to the customer's requirements;
  • Implementation of solutions on protection of the information system's perimeter on the basis of Cisco IDS.

Implementation of solutions on antivirus protection of information system on the basis of Symantec and other available software:

  • Analysis of the current state of information security of the customer's system;
  • Development of solutions on antivirus protection of information system according to requirements of information security policy or customer;
  • Preparation of recommendations according to vendors' requirements and standards.

Implementation of systems of Unix:

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • HP Ux

Development and implementation of solutions on the basis of HP Thin Client Technology.

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