EMPRO - Learning Management System

SINAM has developed leading Learning Management Systems in our region – EMPRO. Any type of educational process including universities and corporate academies can be implemented within this learning management system. EMPRO supports large number of users which can be served “on premises” or via cloud services. We propose a solution for learning processes meeting requirements of all customer groups, such as Universities, Summer Schools or Corporate Learning Centers.

Following main components are implemented in EMPRO:

  • Management of educational organizations;
  • Learning Content management;
  • Learning Process management;
  • Testing and Assessment of students;
  • Virtual Classrooms via online network access;
  • Mobile Learning Application for “everywhere” access

EMPRO already has tens of thousands users all over the country and this number is increasing rapidly. User-friendly interface and easy integration capabilities based on open application program interface make our application very popular among academy community members. Best in class 24/7 technical support of EMPRO makes it “side-kick” for whole academic community.

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