PIN Generation System for Newborn

Client/Project period

The State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2015-2016)


Need to reduce the difficulties concerning the registration and obtaining of birth certificates for the children born outside of the healthcare institutions, abandoned newborns and newborns of migrants.


  • Web based application
  • User-friendly interface with flexible retrieval of information
  • SINAM e-Signature solution integrated with PIN Generation System for using the system by state organizations and citizens

How it works?

  • Issuing the Electronic Health Card (EHC) to the newborns
  • Issuing the PIN to the newborns on the base of EHC code
  • Obtaining of Birth Certificate for the newborns

The system integrates all government bodies involved in the process of generation of PIN.


  • Automation the process for generation of PIN for newborns using the latest ICT technologies
  • Capacity building support for establishment of e-Government
  • Responsiveness to needs of citizens and organizations

System users

  • Citizens and government bodies of Azerbaijan

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