GPS monitoring system

Development of modern GPS monitoring system in Azerbaijan faced with the need for defining the suppliers of software and detailed map of Azerbaijan with the ability to work through the Internet and for searching of objects and addresses; 

In the frame of this project were conducted the following work:

  • Selection and negotiations with the Suppliers of SW;
  • Selection of the server hardware, installation and settings of SW;
  • Identification of the requirements for the map;
  • Development of working procedures and input tools and data transformation to the desired format;
  • Settings of the display of the map elements;
  • Installation of the map to the server, testing operation.

This project has the following interesting features:

  • Format conversions and projection.;
  • Related model of admin division and addressing.;
  • Automatic system of conversion and data quality control.;
  • Conditioning of a map occur regularly and successfully.

Selected innovative software

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