Development of concept to create ASAN e-Document flow and ASAN Citizen Applications system

Client/Project period

State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2016-2017)


Development of ASAN e-Document flow and ASAN Citizen Applications system aims to facilitate application to ASAN Service Centers for citizens and internal works of ASAN services. As a result, citizens will be able to make online application to ASAN Service by uploading scanned copies of all necessary documents to the Portal and if necessary, making online payment of state fee, and therefore, will not waste time going to ASAN Service centers.

It will help to prevent extra costs for both citizens and state agencies. When the result of application is ready, citizen will get required documents by going to the state agency once only or using additional courier service.

Offered solution

It is offered to develop Web-services by applying Electronic Document Flow in Dell EMC Documentum platform for online application of citizens without going to ASAN Service centers.

How the system will work?

  • Citizen selects service in the portal
  • Fills in the specific application form
  • Signs the application with e-signature and submits it via system
  • Citizen application is delivered to specific work station of related ASAN representative
  • The representative receives the application in specific work stations connected to the portal and registers it in the system of the agency (in the portal the status appears to the citizen as “registered”)
  • When response is ready, the representative changes the status

Benefits of the system

  • The number of citizens visiting ASAN Service will decrease and it will lead to reduction of stress resulted from gathering of people in the centers
  • It will prevent time loss for waiting in the queues in ASAN Service centers
  • It will reduce application costs for both citizens and state agencies
  • Needs of citizens will be met effectively

System users

  • Citizens

Scheme of ASAN Application process through electronic DocFlow system

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