The 1st Azerbaijan accountants forum – 2017 was held

The 1st Azerbaijan accountants forum – 2017 was held at the education center of the Ministry of Taxes on April 8. The forum, organized by Azerbaijan National Confederation of Entrepreneurs with engagement of Ministry of Taxes and Ministry of Finance, was held with main sponsorship of SINAM Company – provider of electronic government solutions.

Participants of the forum were local and international audit and consulting companies, international financial institutions, local state agencies and financial organizations, regional professional accounting organizations, accountants of local and private companies, including universities and media.

Following presentations were introduced during the “Juridical basis and new challanges in the field of book-keeping” part of the forum, which consisted of 4 parts: “Modern tendencies of new accounting plan and financial report forms suggested for commercial organizations – necessary changes to the accounting law” by the representative of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic; “Current accounting problems of small and average companies and ways of solution” by “Accounting&Financial Advisory” firm; “Existing obstacles relating to the accounting and reporting at the budgetory institutions and ways for their liquidation” by Economic Research and Education Center.

Reports on the themes “Introduction of additions and changes to the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2017” and “Ways of reflection of the latest changes to the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan on financial accounting and tax calculation” were introduced during the part “Impact of tax reforms on accounting”. It was mentioned that, serious changes had been made in the Tax Code.

Education and certification issues in the field of accounting were discussed during the third part of the forum. Speeches on the themes “Implementation of the advanced practice on certification of accounting in Azerbaijan”, “Role of the state in improvement of education on accounting”, “Methods of teaching accounting at higher schools and problems to provide education process with visual aids” and “Role of private professional education in development of accounting” were introduced to the participants of the forum.

The theme “ICT in accounting: Mutual relations between national and international programs” were discussed during the last part of the forum. Reports on the “Innovative approach in management of the resources of the institution and formation of national accounting system” and “Role of ICT in organization of accounting in Azerbaijan and corresponding problems” were introduced to the participants. Implementation of information solutions and cloud technologies in the financial accounting was discussed. Superiorities of this technology were explained to the participants through the SERP system developed by SINAM Company. Today SERP is implemented successfully at more than 100 state organizations and higher education institutions, including large organizations, banks, oil companies and other organizations.

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