Double address system is added to the e-map of Azerbaijan

Double address system for the Absheron Peninsula is added to GoMap – electronic map of Azerbaijan.

SINAM is a contractor of GoMap project initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.

"Works are conducted together with the State Committee on Property Issues. It isn't possible to speak about an exact date of completion of works as new addresses are integrated into the map as we obtain these data from the State Committee on Property Issues. At present we have obtained address data on the Absheron Peninsula", – we’re told in the company.

Double address system is applied for convenience of users and it became urgent after application of the new approach for assignment of addresses to the real estate units in Azerbaijan.

Now addresses are appropriated not to buildings, but their entrances. This new practice corresponds to the best international experience and minimizes time spent for search of the address of the necessary object.

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