New services will be added to the e-map of Azerbaijan

SINAM will present new services on the basis of the electronic map GoMap.

SINAM is an executor of the GoMap project initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.

Updated subsystem of interactive reflection of traffic jams on roads will become an innovation which will appear on GoMap soon. The new method of informing drivers on existence of traffic jams on highways is provided using FM radio channels. Identification of traffic jams is carried out by means of radio receivers of the automobiles. Existence of traffic jams on this or that part of the highway is defined when the automobile stream becomes denser. All information on jams on roads will be automatically displayed on the e-map.

Besides, double system of addresses, which has found relevance after application of new approach to assignment of addresses to the real estate objects in Azerbaijan, is added to the database of the electronic map for convenience of users. Now addresses are assigned not to buildings, but their entrances. New experience of assignment of addresses corresponds to the best international experience and minimizes time spent for search of the addresses.

GoMap posseses route laying function that can be useful to the tourists wishing to make a trip to the regions of the country.

Besides, e-map contains photos and descriptions of historical and cultural monuments.

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