The state budget will save 40 million manats owing to the works performed by us

Changes have been made to the law “About Government Procurements” according to the order signed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev in this year, on February 15. Changes are directly aimed at support of local producers and stimulation of various segments of national economy. Elchin Aliyev, the president of SINAM – one of the advanced companies in the Southern Caucasus answered our questions on advantages of these changes for Azerbaijani producers.

– What is your opinion as a businessman about changes in the law “About Government Procurements”?

It is quite positive. And it can be considered not only my opinion, but also opinion of all local producers. As you know, according to the accepted changes, 20 percent of offered price is bated by purchasing organization for tender proposals on local goods (works and services), which meet quality requirements fixed in the main conditions of the tender during estimation and comparison of tender proposals.

That is, if goods or services of local and foreign producer have identical quality and even financial proposal of the local producer is 20% greater, government institutions have to buy goods or services from the local producer. I think, this order can become a new stage in development of different companies operating in various field of the economy of Azerbaijan. It should be acknowledged that foreign producers were always considered reliable in Azerbaijan. It was reflected in the level of ordinary consumers, as well as companies and government institutions. Though the services or products offered by local producers were more favorable from the point of view of the cost and quality, foreign producers were preferred in the tenders of various levels. Works of foreign producers were considered more qualitative. But today the situation has changed, Azerbaijan develops consistently, modern production based on the latest technologies is arranged in the country and professional specialists are prepared.

Besides, I would like to note other steps taken by the President in order to support economy. Encouragement of investments, duty-free import of the equipment to the country will lead to the considerable change in the economy. Application of subsidies for increase of the export potential also stimulates work of local producers. I think, it is necessary to subsidize technological production too and it will ensure consecutive development of the “new economy” based on the human capital. I express my gratitude to Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan for these changes which are extremely advantageous for local producers.

– How do you estimate level of the new companies in the field of high technologies and their ability to compete with foreign structures?

– Level of professionalism of the new companies is enough high in the field of high technologies. As you know, SINAM successfully carries out different projects in Azerbaijan and in the countries of Asia, Georgia and Turkey. Some of our projects was executed under direct control of such authoritative international financial structures as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. And we’re not only company, there are many professional companies in Azerbaijan. We and other Azerbaijani companies operating in the field of information technologies offer products in the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. We have completed projects in this sphere. But, it should be noted that, despite high level of local companies, foreign producers are preferred for internal projects in most cases. I am sure that changes made to the law “About Government Procurements” will create chance for changing this situation.

– The consortium including SİNAM, participates in the tender on creation of the electronic land cadastre. What can you say about composition of the consortium?

– We always prefer to participate in the important projects together with experienced partners. This project isn’t an exception too. SINAM - DATUM - Azerkosmos have great experience and technical opportunities for execution of the project. I think there is no need to speak about Azerkosmos. SINAM and DATUM are known for their successful projects on GIS and mapping in Azerbaijan and abroad. For instance, our company has developed electronic map of Azerbaijan, navigation map of Georgia and methodology for the address registry of Kabul. DATUM has executed different projects in the field of land cadastre and created land cadastre of Ganja.

– Will you be able to execute the project if you win the tender on the electronic cadastre?

– SINAM had executed all projects successfully during recent 22 years. As usual our customers continue to collaborate with us in further projects too and it proves our professionalism once again. So, I can confidently say that, we are ready to carry our all works concerning the project with high quality. We support improvement of our employees and invite even foreign experts when necessary. I want to add that specialists of SINAM also participate in execution of different projects in the Central Asia, Afghanistan and Turkey as experts.

Əmin ola bilərsiniz ki, biz tender tapşırığını tam formatda və həmişə olduğu kimi yüksək peşəkar səviyyədə yerinə yetirəcəyik. Azərbaycan hökuməti qənaət olunmuş 40 milyon manatı ölkəmizin digər sahələrinə yönəldə və inkişaf naminə investisiya edə bilər.

Besides, prices offered by SINAM-DATUM-Azerkosmos are more advantageous in comparison with other participants. Our price is 2.8 times lower than the price fixed in the nearest proposal. We have considered present economic situation and condition of the state budget when prepared our proposal. The price offered by the consortium is 40 million manats lower than the most advantageous price. But we have planned enough high salaries for our employees and qualitative materials will be used for execution of the project. You can be sure that, we will fulfill requirements of the tender properly. The government of Azerbaijan will be able to direct saved 40 million manats to other fields and to invest for development.

– SINAM will celebrate 22nd anniversary in February. We congratulate you on this occasion and wish you success.

– Thank you. Our mission is to implement electronic government technologies in Azerbaijan and abroad. I am sure that we will implement electronic government in developing countries, having expanded scale of our activity within the next decade as we have 22 years experience and qualitative and rational technological projects capable to sustain the competition.

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