The state budget can save about 40 million manats by means of Azerbaijani companies

Measures taken by the government in the sphere of government procurements, encouragement of investments and subsidizing of export open new prospects for domestic companies. It was declared by the president of SINAM Elchin Aliyev.

He said that, domestic companies carried out production in various segments of economy and can successfully compete with foreign producers of goods and services. It is especially noticeable in the sphere of high technologies as the domestic companies realize various projects in the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. Broader application of their solutions allows to provide direct support for the economy in Azerbaijan and save means of the state budget as domestic companies enable realization of projects with reasonable prices. Azerbaijani companies participate in various projects which are carried out in the country and abroad within consortium and it significantly increases chances to win more large-scale tenders.

One of such projects is the project of development of the electronic land registry. Consortium of the leading Azerbaijani companies "SINAM - Datum – Azerkosmos" participates in this tender at present.

“It seems to me, there is no need for separate representation of Azerkosmos JSC. SINAM and DATUM are also known for the successful projects in the sphere of GIS and cartography in Azerbaijan and abroad. For example, SINAM prepared electronic map of Azerbaijan, navigation map of Georgia, and also methodology of the address register of the capital of Afghanistan – Kabul. Another participant of the consortium – Datum realized various projects in the sphere of development of the land registry of Azerbaijan and developed land registry of Ganja.

Our financial proposal is 2,8 times lower than the lowest financial proposal of foreign participants as we considered current economic situation of Azerbaijan and condition of the state budget. Our proposal is lower than the lowest financial proposal of competitors for 40 million manats. But our financial proposal includes pretty high fees for employees and we plan to use qualitative solutions. You can be sure that, we will fully fulfill requirements of the tender and the state budget will save about 40 million manats.

If this practice is applied in other tenders held in Azerbaijan, the state budget will be able to save great resources every year and to use these resources for export subsidizing, business support etc.”, – E. Aliyev noted.

He noted that, Azerbaijani companies don't lag behind their foreign competitors on the professional level. Tens of companies, differing for high professionalism level, were founded in the country in recent years and they successfully entered foreign markets. For instance, SINAM pays special attention to continuous increase of knowledge of its employees and hires foreign experts if necessary in order to increase competitiveness. Specialists of SINAM are also involved as the experts within various international projects which are carried out, for example, in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Turkey in the field of GIS.

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