SİNAM company participates in the tender on creation electronic land cadastre in Azerbaijan

SINAM company, in consortium with Datum LLC, participates in the tender on  creation of an electronic land cadastre within the project on creation of an electronic cadastral database of the country land plots of 3.19 million ha (excluding the territories of a number of districts, towns and villages, where cadastral works have already been conducted within other projects), compiling digital cadastral map and elimination of discrepancies between the spatial parameters in documents and actual figures, which reflect the actual location of allotments in the 1.30 mln. ha, in order to create an electronic system of cadastral registration of land plots in Azerbaijan .

The opening of bid proposals was held on February 16th.. Besides SİNAM – Datum consortium the following companies also participate in the tender:

  1. “Eraslanlar mühendislik Mimarlık İnşaat Taahhüt Sanayi Ticaret LTD” (Turkey);
  2. “MAPGIS İmar İnşaat Müh.Müş.Tic.” (Turkey);
  3. “Ana-Kent Planlama Yapı Yatırım Teknoloji Danışmanlık Turizm Enerji Sanayi ve Tic. AŞ.” (Turkey);
  4. “Kutlubey Harita inşaat Mühendislik Sanayi Ticaret” (Turkey);

Among the companies participating in the tender, a SINAM-Datum consortium is the only participant from Azerbaijan. “Azercosmos” JSC is the subcontractor of the consortium of Azerbaojani companies.

The tender proposal of SİNAM is more than 2 times lower than that of other participants of the tender.

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