SINAM prepares for the large project in the Kyrgyz Republic

Azerbaijani IT Company SINAM prepares for participation in the tender for automation of the document flow of the Central Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The company intends to propose the solution, integrated in the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) before. The project realized by SINAM in CBA consisted of several stages.

The company has implemented electronic statistical base and analytical reporting system. The report generation system was developed and it includes possibility of creation of various graphic forms, integration with FinA system and e-mail archiving system, earlier used in the bank. It supports optimum use of the disk space and management of the archival data.

Besides, the program allowing to manage bank and non-bank credit institutions was implemented within the project. This solution allows automatic updating of the documents passing document flow in the bank, including input and analysis of all information necessary for management. Project management system and system of electronic document flow, including possibility of scanning and recognition of incoming documents, were also implemented in the bank.

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