Mingachevir High-Tech Park is exempted from customs duties

Residents of Mingachevir High-Tech Park are exempted from customs duties on import of hi-tech productions within seven years.

Application of customs privileges will be realized according to amendments to the government resolution No. 91 (April 22, 1998) “About rates of the customs duties on export-import transactions in Azerbaijan”. According to amendments, customs privileges will be applied according to the nomenclature list that is, on export-oriented production, completed for further production.

The list includes massifs of data storage (hard drives) and other devices of computers (electronic modules) and monitors. Also customs privileges will be applied to electronic integrated scheme (processors and controlers integrated and not integrated with memory devices, converters, logical schemes, amplifiers, synchronizers or other schemes).

Application of customs privileges to the accessories imported by residents of High-Tech Park is approved by the resolution of the government of Azerbaijan No. 264 (July 10, 2015) and came into force 30 days later after its publication.

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