The vice-president of Iran visited pavilion of Azerbaijan

The delegation headed by the chief of staff of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies takes part at the IV International exhibition of innovations and technologies INOTEX-2015 which takes place on June 9-12 in Tehran (Iran). The delegation consists of representatives of 10 IT companies of Azerbaijan.

Members of the delegation will acquaint participants with their products and services, estimate possibilities of cooperation with foreign companies which are taking part at the exhibition.

Information will be given on products of Sinam, Cybernet, Baktelekom, services of Azerkosmos, realized projects of “Park of High Technologies”, State Fund for Development of Information Technologies and Teleradio PI in the pavilion of Azerbaijan. Besides, presentation of TASIM project will take place.

Participants showed great interest in the pavilion of Azerbaijan even on the first day of the exhibition. The vice-president and head of the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran Masoud Sultanifer, who took part in the opening ceremony, visited pavilion of Azerbaijan. The head of the delegation of Azerbaijan Vidadi Zeynalov informed the vice-president on carried-out works in the sector of information and communication technologies (ICT) and products and services presented at the exhibition. The tablet of Azpad, which was presented to the vice-president, also caused great interest.

The organizations of more than 100 countries, which achieved the last achievements in the sphere of high technologies, were represented at the opening ceremony held with participation of the minister of science, research and technology of Iran Muhammad Farkhadi.

The delegation visited technological park Pardis, who functions under the leadership of the Iranian vice-president for science and technology. Members of the delegation observed activity of the park, held bilateral meetings and discussions with the management. Besides, cooperation perspectives were estimated.

The delegation held a meeting in the Embassy of Azerbaijan on bilateral relations and mutual participation in the international events held in both countries.


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