The Asian IT companies study possibility of coproduction with the plant KUR

The Taiwanese Company Acer examined capacities of the plant KUR for production of portable and tablet computers.

The infrastructure of the plant allows to consider this proposal, which is a subject of discussions with Acer at present.

Besides, negotiations are conducted with South Korean company LG on expansion of production of LED light sources with capacities of KUR. The relevant divisions of LG examined capacities of the plant.

The main task includes attraction of the foreign capital and creation of opportunity for sale of completed goods at the foreign markets. The subject of negotiations with LG is creation of the business structure for the project, distribution of investments and further sale perspectives of completed goods.

LED light sources are a power effective and environmentally friendly method which, unlike ordinary glow lamps, allows to save the consumed electric power to 80 percent.

KUR is a joint venture of Teleradio Production Association of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies of Azerbaijan and IT Company SINAM. The plant was founded in 2005 and is the only manufacturing enterprise which is carrying out conveyor production of the computers and electronic equipments in the South Caucasus.

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