The system integrator of Azerbaijan SINAM improves IT solutions in Kyrgyzstan

SINAM prepares its offers on realization of the treasury modernization project in Kyrgyzstan. The project covers realization of reforms in management of public finances and is aimed at increase of efficiency of the state budget realization in Kyrgyzstan.

Before the international tender on development of the software for the treasury system was held in accordance with conditions of the World Bank (WB). The contract was signed with the consortium, which includes the Canadian company “Free Balance”, according to the results of the tender. The contract signed with "Free Balance" was terminated and new contractors have to be found for implementation of the project now. The companies from Estonia and Turkey are interested in participation in realization of the project at present.

Solutions of SINAM were demonstrated for the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan in the middle of August, 2014. The system “Financial and Accounting Reporting for Budgetary Institutions” (FARABI) implemented in the financial system of Azerbaijan at present, was demonstrated in Kyrgyzstan. Besides, the project on modernization of tax administration of Kyrgyzstan and information on the operating information systems in the treasury of Azerbaijan were also demonstrated.

The main objective of the treasury modernization project in Kyrgyzstan includes increase of effectiveness of state finance management, accounting and operations, support of production processes in treasury institutions and cash service section.

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