The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan expands coverage of the navigation map

The navigation map of will include the electronic map of Turkey. The deputy chief of the Technical Equipment and Software Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Gabil Abbasov spoke about it at the briefing held on Thursday. project is initiated by the ministry and is realized by SINAM.

According to Abbasov, now allows to lay common route in the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia. He noted that expansion of coverage of will make this service useful for the tourists visiting Turkey. Visiting tourist zones of Turkey will be more convenient after extension of the map, especially for car owners. All road signs and traffic regulations will be considered for them after mapping highways. is one of the first resources of South Caucasus and Central Asia developed on the basis of cloud technologies. Besides, the map has the route laying function. It also has photos and descriptions of historical and cultural monuments.

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