The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) will start delivery of the digital signature soon.

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan started implementation of the second stage of the SPKIS – digital signature project – one of the successful solutions of SINAM. The Certified Center for digital signature was created and implemented on the basis of SPKIS system in CBA at the first stage. The certificates issued by this center are used as a digital signature and means of authentication in information systems of the Central Bank. The Certified Center of the Central Bank passed accreditation in the Center of National Certification Services and acquired the right to issue advanced certificate during the next stage. Specialists of the data-processing center of RYTN audited hardware and software in the Central Bank during accreditation process. Corresponding certificate is granted to the Certified Center of the Central Bank according to the procedure on results of audit. Thereby the Certified Service Center of the Central Bank became one of the centers having the right of issue of the advanced certificate.

The main advantage of e-signature is full translation of business relations and communications in an electronic format.

E-signature represents certain sequence of symbols obtained by transformation of the initial document by means of the special software. Digital signature is added to the initial document while sending it and so, authorship and invariance of information containing in the document is approved.

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