Eight million manats have been spent for technical equipment of the Centralized Automated RadioMonitoring Network (CARMN) in 2014.

The project is realized by the Public Administration on Radio Frequencies of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies of Azerbaijan with technical support of SINAM. Stationary radiomonitoring points have been constructed in the settlements Mehdiabad, Yeni Guneshli and Sahil with allocated funds. Besides it, mobile radiomonitoring station has been bought.

At present SINAM has completed works on installation of radiomonitoring equipments at stationary stations in Mehdiabad, Yeni Guneshli and Sahil. Corresponding mobile station has also been completed. Besides, the system of visual control of digital and analog broadcasting has been presented. Equipment of stationary and mobile stations has been integrated into general automated monitoring network.

Database is created on transmitting radio stations within the project, which reflects technical parameters of stations. It will allow carrying out coordination and planning, assignment and determination of frequencies, zone allocation, management of radio-frequency range, analysis of radio monitoring results etc.

Partners of SINAM are international companies as TCI International, Keysight technologies, ATDI, Romsat, Streamlabs and local company Qartal.

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