According to the information given by the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies, receiving login and password for access to the E-government portal ( will be possible with use of mobile communications.

Login and password is provided in envelopes at the present, but simplified method (which will be available soon) will provide their delivery by means of SMS.

Users will have to pass identification in an operator network and receive user name in order to obtain verification data by means of SMS. Then the access code will be sent to the mobile number.

The new method is the most simplified method and allows to save time and raise efficiency of mobile communication.

E-government portal is the key tool supporting work with citizens and state and private sectors. It reduces number of documents required from citizens as allows various bodies to interact with each others in the electronic form. Access to the portal is provided by means of the electronic and digital signature, identification data of business owners and citizens, verification data (login and password) and mobile authentication system.

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