Unibank JSC got access to the service on issue of electronic references through e-government portal (

The project provides citizens, appealed to the authorized bank, with information of the chosen state structure through e-government portal on the basis of their written consents.

Contract on cooperation of data-processing center with "Unibank" has been signed.

It’s possible to use this service through the section "Electronic reference on personal data of citizens". Citizens will be able to create personal data on themselves having been registered on the e-government portal and send it to the bank independently. Data of identity cards, data received from information system of the State Social Protection Fund, data on debts and contacts, data received from information systems of civil service and data about healthcare and education employees will be included in the electronic reference.

The electronic reference will have validity that will simplify registration of credit documents by the bank.

"Bank of Baku" and "Bank BTB" have already joined the project.

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