The 8th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition and 8th Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition were held at Baku Expo Centre. They were organized with official support from the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. The organizers of this annual regional forum for educational services, vocational guidance and employment were Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organizers (CEO).

One hundred and twenty-two participants from 20 countries were represented at the exhibition. These included the traditional national groups, particularly the Lithuanian national stand, representing 15 prestigious universities in Lithuania, and "Study in Slovakia", which brings together 44 universities from Slovakia. The places where Azerbaijani students can go to study have also increased in number to include the major powers of Europe, Asia and America, which all have great traditions in education. The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Slovakia were represented at the exhibition for the first time.

This year major foreign universities were represented by the State University of Economics of Poland in Krakow; the Aviation University of the Arab Emirates; the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics; the International Business School in Budapest; the British Higher School of Design (Moscow); Webster University from the USA; Help University and Nottingham University from Malaysia; Saxion University of Applied Sciences; the Maastricht School of Management; the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands; Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan); and the Baltic International Academy (Latvia).

SINAM also participated at the exhibition with its solutions.

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