Registration for acceptance to the management of structural divisions of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies of Azerbaijan will be available online by means of e-government portal (

It was reported by the director of the computer center of the ministry Nail Mardanov. According to him, this service will be started at interdepartmental level at the initial stage and will further capture other state institutions as well.

Besides it, there will be possibility of conducting official correspondence, sending statements and complaints, opening “private cabinet” and other new services among innovations.

“Implementation of new services will allow to increase level, number and quality of e-services rendered to the population”, – Mardanov told.

291 services are available at present. Total number of electronic services placed on the websites of state institutions of Azerbaijan is 461.

E-government portal is the key tool supporting work with citizens and organizations of the state and private sectors. It is urged to reduce number of documents requested from citizens as different bodies will interact with each other in an electronic form.

Access to the portal is provided by means of the digital signature, identification data of business owners and citizens, verification data (login and password) and mobile authentication system, which can be received in an electronic form after registration on the portal.

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