SERP trainings were conducted

On December 22, 2023, SINAM LLC specialists conducted a 1-day training courses on the use of SERP (SINAM ERP) software modules for the financial, accounting and human resources staff of the Medical Territorial Administration Union (TƏBİB) and its subordinate medical institutions in Yeni Klinika building.

The purpose of the trainings was to train financial, accounting and human resources employees working in medical institutions under TABIB management to work with SERP functional modules such as primary data entry, information retrieval, financial, accounting and human resources reporting, etc., to provide detailed information about the functions implemented by different modules of the system, to teach the rules of using the system, to answer frequently arising questions in the process of working with the system, and to give advice on how to eliminate any problems that may arise during the work with the system.

During the training, information about the general purpose and functionality of the SERP system was given, the mechanism of operation and principles of SERP software were brought to the attention of the participants, as well as the questions raised by the participants during the training were listened and answered.

The training courses were conducted by employees of the FARABI group of SINAM.

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