SINAM company travelled to Mongolia within designated mission by export oriented group Azpromo that operates under Ministry of Economy. The purpose of the mission was to establish two-way trade ties between Azerbaijan and Mongolia in future.

Despite travelling as a part of large pool of firms, SINAM had a specified objective during this trip to establish itself as one of the key providers of integrated IT solutions in e-government services. Mongolia, currently at initial stages of its digital transformation is in dire need of cutting edge technologies in governmental sector. Having successfully integrated e-government solutions across numerous countries both in Central Asia and Africa, SINAM looks forward to expand its global reach.

Representatives of SINAM have managed to meet numerous governmental bodies during the trip and came to first stage agreements on co-operation. SINAM manager on international business development met the head of presidential administration on development of small and mid-size businesses, Mr. Inxbayar. During productive meeting between two parties, they agreed on co-operation in financial sector where SINAM has demonstrated strengths over past years. The company delivered integrated Treasury solution to Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic, payment portals and numerous other products to banking sector over the course of past years.

Moreover, meetings with Deputy Commissioner of Tax Authorities of Mongolia, Mr. Zayabal Batjargal have been held during October trip of SINAM company to Mongolia. The parties discussed availability of products in tax authorities of respective countries and agreed to exchange with their expertise in the sector.

During the meeting with general director of National Insurance Company, Mr. Altankhuyag Chuluunbat, parties discussed automation of insurance issuance process. The main topic was integration of various software technologies in National Insurance Center.

Last, but not least, SINAM representatives met Batnasan Balidir, CEO of blockchain mining firm named Digital Nomads. Sides discussed integration of blockchain technology on numerous levels in the government in future.

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