The government will provide material support for the electronic media

"Material support for the electronic media is considered by the government at present. It is quite possible that the issue will be solved soon".

According to, the executive director of the State Fund for Support of Mass Media Development under the Azerbaijani President Vugar Safarli mentioned it at the meeting with members of the media in the Milli Majlis.

He said that the government planned to support electronic media:

"This issue has been discussed for several times. Even it was mentioned during the President's meeting with heads of media. Obviously, if funds are allocated, they won't be allocated for all electronic means. Today everybody follows websites. 80% of their materials are copies of each others and are identical. Why do we need such news portals? I mean, if material support is provided, it will be allocated for portals, which operates in foreign languages and spreads truths of Azerbaijan in the world. So, try for this. Infinite number of portals is created everyday. There are people who have created 10-12 websites. How the government can support them? Obviously, this procedure had to have some criterias”.

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